Isabella Innis Isabella Innis


b. 1990, Nashville, TN
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Isabella Innis ( born 1990, Nashville, Tennessee) graduated from Westmont College (Santa Barbara, California) in 2012 with a degree in Fine Arts after spending parts of her childhood in Oxford, U.K. and Colorado. Innis currently lives and works in Los Angeles. She is best known for her abstract paintings in which she uses charcoal, acrylic paint and oil stick to explore the limitations of opacity and transparency. Innis uses washes and impasto painting techniques, frequently in her signature red and pink tones, applying the paint rhythmically with a palette knife, brush, and even her hands. Her paintings engage with the arts of story-telling and music composition, their arrangements of color gradients and rhythmic marks possessing an arch like that of a poem, a story, or a concerto in conversation with both the joy and grief of passing time. Innis’s paintings have been acquired by collections across the United States and the U.K. Her most recent solo exhibitions Red Valley and Notes on Nostalgia showed in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Los Angeles respectively.

NOTES ON NOSTALGIA | FF-1051 Gallery | Solo Show | Los Angeles, CA | November 2019
RED VALLEY | Hazard Gallery | Solo Show | Johannesburg, South Africa | December 2018
PLANTATION | Castelli Gallery | Solo Show | Los Angeles, CA | March 2018
HERSTORY | Downtown Art Walk | Group Show | Los Angeles, CA | March 2017
STEEL MAGNOLIA | Fold Gallery | Group Show | Los Angeles, CA | January 2017
WE THE PEOPLE | Downtown Art Walk | Group Show | Los Angeles, CA | January 2017
SOMEONE WHO IS NO ONE | O Gallery | Solo Show | Los Angeles, CA | September 2016

Art Student's League New York, NY October 2020
Westmont College Bachelor of Arts - Major in Fine Art  Santa Barbara, CA  May 2012
Acento de Trinity Private Art Studies Sevilla, Spain August - December 2010

Willow House | Terlingua, Texas | August 2019
Casa Bohemia  | Sayulita, Mexico | March-April 2017